Once upon a day…

Once upon a day there was a baby tiger left its mother near the goat pen. A mother goat who saw the tiger cub approached and invited to the cage. She then considered cub was like children of other goats. Cubs also pleased to have a new family, a goat and its goatlings which amount of five tail.


One afternoon there was  a tiger approached the goat pen. Mother goat scared and tried to protect her children, including cub. Cub hid behind goat’s body.  From behind the goat body, he watched a tiger, not far from the cage.

Cub found it strange tiger that  came to see the animal in a cage looks like with him. He was amazed to hear a roaring tiger. His voice sounded different. The tiger was only seen briefly them, then went. After the tiger went, cub tried to imitate a tiger sound. But what actually sound came out from him like a bleating goat. Embeeeeek


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