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Reni: A Tough Little Girl

Reni is a tough little girl. She is a student at SDN 14 Kampung Sawah South Jakarta grade six. In addition learn at school, Reni has to help her mother—who has five children. As the first child, Reni has to take care of her brothers and sisters. Every morning Reni wakes up at 5 p.m. She cooks rice and makes some side dishes. She also sweeps the floor. Afterthat she bathe the little sisters.
After school hour, sometimes Reni learn subject with her classmates at me. But, when she has a lot of have to do such as laundry and ironing, she doesn’t attend private lesson. Recently Reni increasingly preoccupied with household activities when her mother borns again.
Although Reni has many household activities, she always look cheerful. She doesn’t complain with her condition. She is a tough little girl.


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