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According to Satria Dharma, Chairman of Ikatan Guru Indonesia (IGI) or Indonesian Teachers Association. Rintisan Sekolah Bertaraf Internasional (RSBI) or International School Stubs is valuaded as failure program. There are several reasons RSBI should be stopped. First, the program is clearly not preceded RSBI complete research so that the concept is very bad.
Second, RSBI program is the wrong model. Kementerian Pendidikan Nasional (Kemendiknas) or Ministry of National Education create model guidelines for implementation of the new SBI (news developed), but it is happening is the development of the schools that already exist (existing school).

Third, RSBI program have gotten wrong assumption. Kemendiknas assumes that for teaching hard science in English introduction, a teacher has to have TOEFL more than 500. Fourth, there was been confussion.
Fifth, the using english language in overall teaching activity is wrong concept. With RSBI labels, the subject matter to be taught in English, while across the world such as Japan, China, actually use their national language, but students remain qualified world. Sixth, RSBI considered to have created discrimination in education. Meanwhile, the weakness of the seven confirmed, that the RSBI has also made the public schools become very commercial.
RSBI idea originally formed to improve the quality of school graduates as global human. However, the implementation RSBI more emphasis on the high cost of education, and school facilities are luxurious. Not on the learning abilities of students. So many people do not approve this program.

Teaching a child to become a global human is important. However, being human does not have to adopt the global total in the western model of education regardless of the overall condition of the nation’s affordable and equitable education for all citizen.


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